Bonus: Magic

365 Days. 454 Posts. I blogged right into the New Year. Looking back, a surprisingly good year. Coincidence?

Things I learned in 2007:

1. Ask and Ye shall receive.
2. Whosoever giveth taketh in return.
3. Folding bikes are a magic force of positive institutional, social and physical change!

Thank you for sharing my year of Good Things.

December 31: Miiine

1. Free potatoes, rice and peas to go with our falafels.
2. Text messages from all over sending happy wishes.
3. Little Lukas at the kitchen table, offering me his candy cane ice cream, over and over. ‘Julia [insert developing language here] try miiine?’ End that with a huge grin! I cross to the other side of the table to be fed a Thomas-the-Tank spoonful. I return to my side. Repeat. Each time with a grin bigger than the last.

December 30: Aujourd'hui

... more Tudors (Season One DVD).

1. More help hauling bags to Goodwill (thanks, Mama).
2. More uncovering long-missing items whilst cleaning.
3. More demolition opportunities for yours tired, truly.

December 30: Hier

An honourable mention from yesterday:

A. Isabelle helped me take several bags to Goodwill
B. after our delicious meal of Italian veal sandwiches
C. followed by fruit (raisins, that is, in a butter tart).