February 7: Ken School of Men

1. My definition of Cryptaesthesia on Word Imperfect won the poll. If you like words, you will love this site. Check out Sonnjea's definition of Squaloid.
2. A campaign called the Sex-Fu Challenge (sponsored by this award-winning site) caught my eye. The ad invited me to text 777888 and enter 'boy' or 'girl'. I figured, why not? I don't need to win an iPod, but I can pretend to be a savvy teen (even if I wasn't). An interactive quiz followed: the better the answers, the more ballots. I got 15, woot! Then I went online to see what was going on there. I am now a graduate of the Ken School of Men.
3. My roommate is back from England! With British newspapers and Harrod's tea. Total babe, she is.