Wicked Bonus: Sonya

February 27 - MILAN, Italy

I am back after a wonderful time in Spain (I could write 10 Good Things each day). I must mention Sonya.

I arrive last week in Milan thinking I'll spend two days on my own browsing the shops (if you don't shop here, spend the extra time in Rome or wherever). Sonya - a friend of a friend whom I met once in Toronto last year - is at the airport picking up her sister from Boston. She recognizes me and stops me in my tracks (I am a moron and nearly don't recognize her). Sonya lives here. We take the ride into the city with some Waterloo guys stopping over en route to Dubai. She invites me for dinner. I join her sister, boyfriend and friends that evening. A lovely time is had by all. My Milan experience is radically improved.

All by 100% happenstance!