April 24: Giggles

1. Lunch reception: A four-and-a-half-month-delayed birthday lunch in the company of good women. It was so delicious, the thought of licking clean the tiramisu plate actually crossed my mind.

2. Guest reception: An off-hours siesta in a quiet room in a downtown high-rise. Just as I was closing my eyes in sweet darkness, someone else entered, with the exact same idea. I'd call it a dream-like sequence, except she happened to be a friend of mine who scared the daylights out of me and I out of her. Fumbling for our glasses and footsteps, respectively, we exploded into fits and giggles, she all the while shaking her head, repeating, ‘you kill me, you know, you just kill me!’

3. Email reception: I opened an email from a dying, single, childless widower who has decided to donate a part of his wealth - GBP£2,895,700 - to yours truly. He doesn't know me and has never met me but his mind tells him to do this.