September 22: Norwegians

I should have reflected on the good things in September instead of being sad today. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to leave the house. So the first twelve hours were awful. Then, flip it! The next twelve hours were much better.

1. Musicians: Sunset backdrop for live music in a city park.
2. Hosts: Unlimited free drinks and food at a hostel party.
3. Dancefloor: As self-appointed Official Government Party Closers, my ‘colleagues’ and I ensured that the living room dancefloor stayed rocking to a respectable 7am. We inspected the site for frauds and terrorists, and are happy to file in our reports that hostel parties should receive government funding and that Norwegians deserve tax breaks for dancing with us in Canada. We did not get paid overtime, did not take any union breaks and dutifully submitted our paperwork early.

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