June 9: Chicago

Good afternoon, Chicago!

1. A pleasurable flight shared with a sparkling, spirited gentleman. Do you ever notice that special, mysterious Him or Her pacing or lulling near the airport gate? I did. And that someone was my seatmate and inspiration all the way to the Windy City.

2. Daiva picked me up at the airport and took me for a delicious lunch at a restaurant called Earwax.

3. Cycling through the city streets, all marked with bike lanes. Painting white lines can't be that hard! Those bikes took us to the Wells Street Art Festival, followed by a night out in Wicker Park in very good company.

Good night, Chicago!

When: 3:30 a.m. Who: An otherwise nice guy. Where: On my stomach. What: Bouncing. This was a first. Funny and flabbergasting. Oddly charming. I still chuckle at the memory. It was nothing compared to the dogs snoring.