P-Units, I: Environment

Staying with my parents is foreign, but Good:

1. My urban fear has always been that of getting bike tires caught in streetcar tracks. Much worse is my suburban fear of getting lost in cul-de-sacs. This isn't the area I grew up in - it is foreign. The Good: I'm getting over it.

2. I wake up every morning in a hot pink, psychedelic bedroom. It's very B-52s-meets-Paris Hilton. This isn't the house I grew up in - it is foreign. The Good: It is cozy and inviting. It even delivers a warm pink reflection in my laptop.

3. My parents are environmental drill sergeants. That definitely isn't foreign! The Good: I am recycling and composting everything. Soon, I may even be carrying a water jug on my head. You know, to appreciate the value of water.