August 2: Haligonian

3am. I'm going three for three with the late-night routine. I'd like to honour email again. Letters make me feel less alone in these quiet hours.

1. From one Night Owl to Another: The Snowy Owl wrote some encouraging words. Peace.

2. From a Haligonian to a Torontonian: Emanuel invited me to his wedding in Halifax this October. Oh, I am so there! Nova Scotia - ‘New Scotland’ - is FABulous. Home to some of the Friendliest Party People on Earth.

3. From a Quebecker to an Ontarian: Isabelle, merci! While in Montreal, home to some of the Sexiest Party People on Earth, she snaps a photo of a Habibi tanktop. Now I'll just have to write a post extolling the virtues of French Canada.