Three Things: Quebec

Quebec is a slice of Europe in North America. Good things from la belle province:

1 Party. Legal drinking age: 18. Last call: 3am. You can also buy beer and wine at many corner stores (unlike the rest of Canada). Liberal thinking embodied in attitudes such as, ‘The world will not end if you take a two-hour lunch.’

2 Party. June 24: An extra statutory holiday, St-Jean-Baptiste Day (Fête de la Saint-Jean), presumably to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, beautiful cities and beautiful people...

2b ...and beautiful beer. Another excuse to get drunk and launch oneself into the St-Jean-Baptiste bonfire. ‘Every year, somehow, it happens. It usually makes the news.’

3 Poutine. Hand-cut potatoes, fried in pure lard, covered in thick French-Canadian gravy and fresh white cheddar-cheese curds that go ‘squick, squick’ when you bite into them. There is nothing like it anywhere else. If you’ve never indulged in this sinful stuff, drive up on your next free weekend!

Merci, Isabelle, pour votre perspective.