February 24: Charming

Before the day trip, a bonus. For the second time in two days, Starbucks gave me two bags of tea in my cup (they also sell smoothies, which I've been hard-pressed to find). They don't do this in Canada, which I'll have to look into.


1. Following coffee and a tour of the Old Town, an incredible three-hour, multi-course lunch at a charming country restaurant with 10 wonderful, warm, welcoming people!
2. With the same intelligent, engaging friends of friends, quality time spent walking up to the Castle and Cathedral districts and back down again.


3. Back in town for a late night out, a never-ending stream of hotspots, cashmere-endowed foreigners (hello, Ethan Hawke and Christina Ricci), more friendly Irish, some genetic hotness, some futbol haircuts, aluminum Heineken bottles, thick smoke, hiccups, and hair salons (their doors, anyway) wide open at 6am into which tipsy gals could inadvertently wander and walk out of holding hair products (obviously not thinking clearly enough to be holding hair straighteners instead).

If you're in Chueca, you might need The Map!