February 26: Novio


1. Amidst violin and accordion music on the subway car, little girls giggling hysterically - and contagiously.
2. A crystal clear afternoon in Retiro (Madrid's version of Central Park). My charming, new 80-something novio, Luis, chats me up for half an hour. He compliments me like crazy and says we make a great couple. He tells me I look 22. He even tries to cop a feel. The confidence! This varies in sharp contrast to the really hot young guy I see afterwards, with whom I (sadly) play musical benches (we are both too cool to start a conversation).
3. Brilliant evening out with Greta and Raul to see Little Children. Lots to ponder (excellent film). Little did I imagine I'd end my visit speaking Spanish, albeit poorly, over dinner. Just the same, it was confidence-building.