March 5: Toilet Fun

BOSRA, Syria

1. Sunny picnic lunch in the ancient Roman amphitheatre. Google this place, it's amazing. And it's one of the country's smaller sites. Great day trip! Syria is an archaeologist’s heaven.


2. Nutella salad. What is this? Well, I was expecting something healthy-ish with a dash of Nutella. Silly, silly me! This was the heaviest, creamiest banana split sundae I have ever laid eyes on. Not only that, I actually ate it.

3. I was lucky enough to be invited to a very classy party (officials, diplomats, etc.) in a lovely residence of sorts. I'd love to add descriptive details, but will have to keep it discreet. What I will say is never mind the dinner – the real party was in the ladies' room. Smoking in the toilet, drinking wine in pretty chairs, chatting up everyone coming through, and conducting photo shoots (‘give me angry!’ ‘give me sexy!’) - so fun.