March 9: Babes

After a family brunch in ABU DHABI:

1. Babes on the bus! En route back to Dubai, we meet three Etihad Airways flight attendants on their way to some kind of nautical bash. The chatter begins: hellos, where-are-you-froms, stories, tears, advice, talk of men, women, film (specifically, Water) and travel. ‘Dump him!’ ‘He doesn't love you!’ ‘You must visit Goa...’ We also learn that the streetlamp designs change once you leave Abu Dhabi and enter Dubai. Locals give you the neatest information.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

2. Three-way date at Madinat Jumeirah, a new complex, part of which is built in the style of an old souk (market). Steak dinner and ice cream desserts are followed by tea on the steps, where ideas are brainstormed and Project Caviar is born.

3. VIP hook-ups to one of the hottest clubs in town, courtesy of a friend's roommate. Trilogy's rooftop boasts a fabulous view of Burj Al Arab. For reasons unknown, people there call it ‘Triology’ – huh?