July 10: Renita

1. Lunch: Renita deserves her own post. I'm dedicating today to her. She is my Grade Two Best Friend who taught me how to crack my knuckles. The last time we saw each other was 10 years ago. The next time we saw each other was today.

2. Divo: Not only did we eat well, we had free entertainment. Our restaurant turned out to be a Divo magnet, full of guys with crisp shirts, suave shades and enough crusty hairgel to hold up Venice. Fabu-Tans. Blinding bright teeth. Plus the roses. Oh, the roses... Renita provided the running commentary. She is a wry observer.

3. Idea: We didn't talk about this, but in Grade Two (‘this one time, at band camp...’), Renita and I got into trouble for playing with household bathroom chemicals. We mixed a toxic magic potion of nail polish, solvents, witch hazel, etc. in a plastic cottage cheese tub in the schoolyard. Did we cast a spell? I can't remember. What matters is that she is as mischievous as ever. Today, she unhatched the genius idea for an unscrewpulous little plan.