July 28: L*st

After a beautiful day,

1. Last, Kevin invited me to a party - though he didn't show up.

2. Lest I forget: Late into the evening, my dad gave me a bottle of wine to take to the party. Why?

Note to oenophiles: Canadians are govered by liquor control boards and most of us have to buy alcohol during set hours from the government. Seriously. The LCBO in the Province of Ontario is the world's single largest alcohol buyer (read more here). Upside: this is nonetheless an improvement on the days when you had to get booze by prescription.

3. Lost. Biking through a neighbourhood with the wrong address (thanks, Kevin!) and a dead cell phone, I took a moment to appreciate a hidden urban gem: a beautiful baseball diamond. Then a local kid directed me to an exact spot for an electrical outlet in which to plug my phone charger (East end of the South wall of the community centre at Dufferin and Dupont for those who need to know). I was impressed...

...but not nearly as impressed as by the cinephiles next door to our party, projecting old NFB films from reels onto a garage-mounted screen in the backyard. (Imagine a lawnchair audience of 40 in dead silence. Here they are on intermission.)

...and not nearly as impressed as by my hostesses, who sent me home with two slices of fresh vegetarian pizza.

There is my List.
Sorry, no Lust.