July 8: Fruits, Veggies

Eat is just one letter away from Fat.

How can I describe this? I spent almost my entire weekend in my underwear.

Tea, smoke, muffins, chocolate, candies, smoke, biscottis, ice cream, smoke, wander backyard in rain.

1. Dried fruit snacks, Perrier, email.

Big-budget Chinese film set in Tang dynasty (co-starring lots of boob), ice cream, cheese, smoke, wander around the house.

2. Fresh tomatoes, Perrier, email.

Too Legit to Quit courtesy of MC Hammer and the kids next door (followed by mild depression), ice cream, smoke, wander front yard.

3. Garlic dill pickles, Perrier, email.

My parents were in Montreal for the big Jazz Festival. You'd think I would take advantage... I don't eat dairy and I don't even smoke!

Sad? Rad. In a pathetic kind of way, I will always remember it as my own Home Alone, Generation X.