July 11: $143

1. The seamstress gave me a good price for my mending.

I used to sew... anyone remember tapering their jeans? Actually, I'm about to start again (sewing, that is). I want to modify my shapeless souvenir t-shirts into hot little numbers. I hope it's possible, or I'll be making a big mess.

2. A saleswoman refunded me the difference on the jacket I bought 10 days ago. (I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it was marked down already.) $143 is nothing to sneeze at! She really made my day.

3. I got a pretty quick response from a woman I'd been meaning to get in touch with for a year (then finally did).

In fact, all these women made my day.

By the way, I'll probably blog my parents a little more this weekend... they really are a rich source of stories. I'll try my mighty best to bring you a venom-free, positive take on this experience. It's either that or Ativan!