May 13: Mamma Mia!

It was a musical Mother's Day of tough mamas and sexy women, sprinkled with honourable men.

1. No, no no! My bro and I listened to Amy Winehouse, Sarah Slean, Tori Amos... then he helped me get the AC3 audio component for Quicktime.

2. So, yo, ho! 1980s Queen's, NY women rapping, ‘None of your business!’ This week's wake-up music.

Last, but not least, the most musical - and toughest and sexiest - of them all:

3. Mamma Mia! After lunch, she called my dad ‘hot’. (Her colleague had asked, ‘who's that handsome man?’ Mama proudly replied, ‘my husband!’) This was good for him. Who would daddies be without mommies?