May 21: Garlic Tea

It was a long weekend in Canada, so Monday felt like the second coming of Sunday. All hail Queen Victoria!

Do you ever get caught on long weekends without enough groceries? She did. And since she didn't want to eat from a gas station, she scoured her kitchen:

1. Buttered Pasta! Garlicky and filling! Sorta' ghetto fabulous.
2. If life gives you garlic, make Garlic Tea! The excitement alone was worth it. She really thought she was onto something... admittedly, it was gross. But with a little honey, it might just be the perfect drink!
3. The rest of her was fuelled by sheer determination.

Lest she feel like a bore, she ventured out, past the fireworks, for ice cream in the tiny tub, overpriced and over-caloric. After all, birthdays are for celebrating! And like her grandmother used to say, ‘There are no calories on Sundays.’