May 17: Funkton

Today was so Boo. Blah. Blech.
Hmmm ... now for the good!

1. Construction worker directs hideous monkey-like noises towards me as I walk by. Mating calls? Stomach ache? I purse my lips together to hide my smile. Of course I'm flattered. There is a place for me in the animal kingdom!

2. Lukas is working a lot in Moncton (pronounced ‘munk-ton’) these days. If you're there, he is really tall and sexy and looks like Jesus. Today he called Moncton ‘Funkton’ (in a good way). He always says stuff like that. It makes me laugh.

3. I'm on with Paul for a ch-ch-chilllll afternoon tomorrow. Just talking to him lifted my spirits. Why? I don't know, it's magic!

Well, I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. Maybe I'll go to Wendy's for a midnight Frosty. You know, find some teenagers in the parking lot and paradise by the dashboard light. Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding.