May 15: Waive

Today went from glam to glum and back to glam again (thanks in part to men named Dan and Russell). Repeat.

1. I saw this couple, probably on a date. The woman was all over this guy, but kept insisting, ‘I'm so old-fashioned!’ This would normally make me roll my eyes, but today it made me laugh out loud (even if it was at her).

2. I couldn't find my ATM card again. But this hottie little biscotti named Jeremy at the juice bar didn't mind at all. With the wave of a hand, he waived the $6 for my smoothie. Oooh, he will get good karma back for that one.

3. I got on the testosterone train. The only girl wore a t-shirt that read ‘No one cares about your blog.’ When I got home, I opened an email from another Dan. ‘J-Unit, you're the best!’ And all was well in my world again.