May 9: La-La-La

I am waiting at a bus stop. My Wendy's Frosty sends me into raptures... I chuckle, imagining my friend Wendy wearing her ‘Wendy's Hot and Juicy’ button in highschool. I spot a dude in a parked white car unleashing his harness of a seatbelt (go, Fast and Furious) and suspiciously eye him as he proceeds to stroll, self-consciously, towards the parked Jeep. I wait for him to open the passenger door and perform the illicit transaction that is happening only in my mind. He does no such thing and returns to his harness. I snap back to reality – the bus is pulling out. It has come and gone, just like my Frosty.

Sometime prior to my long walk:

3. My dear colleague chose a $1 (not $1.25) snack at the vending machine so I could have her last quarter for my own $1 snack.
2. My dear brother served me pizza and music at his place.
1. My dear appetite grew strong thanks to my Jay-Z happy dance.